Summary of IC Piano Tuner (words in red are new features in v5.0.1): 

  • It covers all keys from A0 to C8 for a standard piano keyboard (Most other tuners & software have difficulties in identifying the lowest keys such as A0 and A0#).
  • Noise cutoff level adjustable by the user.
  • Automatically identify the pitches of the played string, or manually select the pitches of interest for displayed results to minimize noise influence. Results of up to eight partials of a string can be displayed. An optional sound control (for Continuous mode only) of the manual selection allows the user to change the pitches of interest without touching the computer.
  • In Continuous mode, pitch data are provided continuously. A C4->B4 stretch tuning with optimization function to allow user to stretch tuning the middle octave quickly by strike single string at a time (without playing two strings together). Reference is provided on the partial frequency graphs as a convenient target for tuning a string. Tracing graphs are provided for sound intensity and pitches of the partials, making sound wave profile, the beating, and pitch changes history visible in real time.
  • In Continuous mode, higher and lower partials beating enhancements are provided to suppress sounds from lower and higher partials, enhancing the beating(s) of specific partials of the strings.
  • Adjustable frequency resolution up to 0.02 Hz.
  • User can save preferred default parameters such as refresh rate, frequency resolution, A4 frequency, noise cutoff level, and the duration of the beating curve (beating history), as well as the stretch tuning results of C4->B4 which provides one kind of "fingerprint" associated with the piano quality.
  • In Pitch mode (Interval mode), beating results between two strings within the eight partials are provided, where the two strings can be played together or separately. Reference marks of equal temperament beatings are provided on the beating graph for the separately played strings, e.g., 0.89 Hz (Narrow) 3:2 of perfect fifth beating between C4 and G4.
  • Quick references are provided for (i) cent value per beat near a specific pitch identified automatically by the program or selected manually by the user, (ii) possible beatings between any two strings from A0 to C8 in equal temperament.  
  • An extensive user manual (~40 pages) in PDF format is accessible by clicking the help button, which also provides a brief introduction of piano tuning with IC Piano Tuner specifically for beginners
  • For computers allowing sound input sharing across different programs, the user may be able to run IC Piano Tuner program more than once at the same time (if the computer processing speed is fast enough), with each program instance of IC Piano Tuner performing its own task. For example, three running program instances of IC Piano Tuner with manually selected pitches locked at F4, A4 and C5 keynotes, respectively. The results of F4, A4 and C5 partials will be shown at the same time in the corresponding running program instance when the three keynotes are played together.

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IC Piano Tuner (v5.0.1, v4.0.1):
Turn your computer into a tuner -- View Pitch & Beating Real Time!

Whether you are a professional or amateur piano tuner, or just want to check if your piano is out-of-tune or how well your piano was just tuned, IC Piano Tuner can help. IC Piano Tuner revolutionizes the approach in traditional tuning software by focusing on beating, the key task for tuners. 

About IC Piano Tuner : Some professional tuning software cost hundreds of dollars, considered expensive by many tuners. The cost of the developer's software and the small market are two main reasons behind it. Yet most of the software focus on the pitch of the string, neglecting the most important tuning task - beating between strings. Tuning relying on pitch alone will use considerably much more time, and is not practical in the regular daily practice for professional tuners. It is also unlikely to achieve optimal results due to the complexity of the tuning process. For example, some tuning software offers a prescription for pitches of all the strings by only asking one play for each string, which overlooks the complexity of pianos. Due to the echo from the environment and the piano itself, the pitch of a string may undergo from being amplified at a cent position to being suppressed at a nearby cent position. Unexpected beatings or voicing will appear from time to time.

IC Piano Tuner was developed to meet the special need of tuners, by focusing on the beating of the strings. It can also provide the full pitch spectrum of the partials for each string. Advanced signal processing technologies, which go far beyond simple Fourier transform technique used in most (if not all) of other tuning software, are applied to extract the most useful information for piano tuners. IC Piano Tuner is especially useful for beginners to understand the tuning and perfect their skills.

Versions for Apple's and Android's operating systems will not be available soon due to our limited resources. Interest parties for developing IC Piano Tuner for those systems may contact CC Advanced Tuning for further information.The license fee for each user, used to support and promote IC Piano Tuner, is aimed to provide an affordable solution for the piano tuners' community.


CC Advanced Tuning

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IC Piano Tuner v5.0.1

To begin use of IC Piano Tuner (v4.0.1 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 only, and v5.0.1 for Windows 10 only#), place your order (each license for single user only) by clicking "Add to Cart" above. Placing your order indicates you have read and agree to the IC Piano Tuner licence agreement* stated below. ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless you receive an offer from CC Advanced Tuning. We accept major credit cards payment through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use your credit card (please provide your email if so). You will receive a link to download the setup software and a serial number by email to activate IC Piano Tuner when you run the application for the first time. Please allow one or two days to receive your link and serial number due to possible transaction delays.  

#The version v5.0.1 was tested extensively on Windows 10, it will not work on Windows XP. Although it might work on Windows 7 (SP1 and up) and Windows 8 (status will be updated when available), however users of those systems are on their own risks if they plan to install v5.0.1 on their systems. The users may consider to upgrade to Windows 10 before install v5.0.1).

Beat counting is a major task in tuning. Did you ever have problem with it? IC Piano Tuner transforms the beating into visual result, no need for a metronome.

Pitches and beating results are provided in IC Piano Tuner. The user can play one string, or two (or more) strings. String-by-string stretch tuning process is shown for beginners in the extensive user manual (for v5.0.1 only). It also helps the user understand the aural effects with the real time sound wave. Two running modes are provided: "Continuous" and "Interval",

  • In "Continuous" mode, it provides real time pitch and beating information continuously, and allow user to perform stretch tuning with visible results. This mode facilitates the fast tuning process.

  • In "Interval" mode, it runs in fixed intervals repeatedly (record-display-pause in each cycle) to provide more details of the partials for pitch and beatings for single or two strings played (e.g., 4:3 & 8:6 beatings for F3 & A#4). This mode provides in-depth study of individual strings.​ 

Scroll down the page to read more details in Summary of IC Piano Tuner section.       


Q: My  sound level appears to be too high, is there any way to reduce the level?

A: Some computer's built-in microphones may be too sensitive, and the saturation may occur from time to time (the "Sound Saturation Level" bar indicator will show full or close to full level), which will distort the results. An external microphone, such as one in a headphone with Mic (which may also helpful in reducing the environmental noise since it typically only picks up nearby sound), may do well in effectively reducing the sound level and eliminating the saturation. You will need to restart your IC Piano Tuner if you switch your microphone.

Q: What do the notes on the partials windows mean?

A: The (key)notes shown up in the partials windows at the upper-left are used to represent the first partials of the keynotes, e.g., when A4 key is played, you may see A4, A5, E6, A6, ...shown up on the little partial windows, representing the A4 key string's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th partials having frequencies closest to the first partials of those keys respectively, with A4 also shown up in the "KEY ID" window.

IC Piano Tuner v4.0.1

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