Enhanced Sensitivity Viewtubes (ESV)

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Near-IR, Mid-IR and Far-IR Viewcards / Viewtubes

Our IR viewcards/viewtubes* are designed for IR laser professionals to identify easily the indoor/outdoor IR laser beam locations. Our technology overcomes the wavelength limitations of the traditional IR viewing cards without using auxiliary device (shch as a UV lamp), thus is a convenient tool for mid-IR and far-IR laser applications.


The same viewcard/viewtube also works on near-IR region. Images on traditional near IR cards often fade away after prolong illumination (within seconds). However images on our IR viewcards/viewtubes will not fade away after prolong illumination. Our customers include researchers and engineers from many companies and institutes such as Thorlabs, MIT, Stanford University, and Princeton University.

Our standard cards (V-IR-S series) provide sensitivity of up to 0.03mW/mm^2. The Enhanced Sensitivity Viewtube and custom designed units can provide even higher sensitivity, the most sensitive power-free Mid-IR and Far-IR detection.

For standard cards (viewcards), choose from the following five types (sensitivity from high to low),
The temperature indicates the maximum temperature for each card to avoid significantly reduced sensitivity. If your lab temperature is just 1 or 2 degrees below the maximum temperature, it is recommended to order at least two types of cards to provide more detection dynamic range.

NEW!  For the Enhanced Sensitivity Viewtube (ESV), the sensitivity is boosted up to 2 times of the standard card with the same maximum temperature. The viewtube is made compatible with the lens tube threads. Quantity is limited for the ESV. Please inquire before you place order. The most popular ESVs are,
#V-IR-EL1-B(<30C), for 1" lens tube thread, $350 each
#V-IR-EL2-B(<30C), for 2" lens tube thread, $490 each

Please send request if you need different type of thread, or different maximum temperature.

The temperature indicates the maximum temperature for the viewtube to work ideally.

Custom sizes (e.g., sizes fit into the lens tubes, large target for indoor/outdoor lidar tests), custom substrates are also available upon request.
*Design subject to change without notice.
Portable Lidars for gas and aerosol sensing
Our state-of-the-art compact lidar systems are capable to provide high sensitive and low cost monitoring of one or more gases (CO2, CO, CH4, NO, ...) or aerosol (PM2.5 and PM10) in large or small areas for environmental applications and manufacturing processes.
Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters
Our compact bandpass filter design can reach <0.05nm for visible and near-IR wavelength. Ultra-narrow bandpass filters for Mid-IR and Far-IR are also available. 
World's Most Sensitive Photoacoustic Sensor
Our compact photoacoustic (PA) sensor is the world's most sensitive PA sensor, featuring ultra low noise, ultra stable, compact, low cost design. Depending of requirement, the sensitivity (S/N~1) can reach higher than 
[6x10^(-21)/(CP)] ppm for phase Lock-In amplifier time constant of 0.5 sec (in 1atm air),
where C is the light absorption crosssection for the molecule (cm^2/molecule), P is the laser power in mW (e.g., 60ppb for C=10^(-20) cm^2/molecule and P=10mW).
It can be used for fast detection of multiple gas ingredients, such as NH3, CH4, CO2, CO. Applications include medical diagnosis (e.g., C13-Urea Breath Test), environmental monitoring and homeland security applications. 
World's Most Accurate LD current/TEC controller
Our composite controller features the world's most accurate current and TEC controls for laser diode. The noise, the drift and the setting accuracy of the current are controlled within 0.002mA. The long term and short term temperature stability is smaller than 0.0003C when using a 10KOhm. Higher stability is also available.
Low Cost Temperature Controlled Heated Lens Tube System
Our 0.5", 1", 2" lens tube setups provide budget customers economic solutions without reducing performance. Minimum temperature control step is 0.1C.
Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supplies
Stand alone unit with three voltage outputs at +/- 12~15v (up to 1.7A) and +5V (up to 100mA) with ultra low noise. 120V/230V configurable AC input. Other voltage outputs also available.